Cameron Dallas Imagine

"Cameron I told you I’m on my period. I’m not leaving my house!" You said laughing into the phone. He kept trying to get you to go to the movies. "Alright fine. But I’m coming over, and I don’t care what you say" he said. Before you could even say anything he hung up the phone.

You did miss him, so you didn’t really hate the idea of him being there with you. You got up and changed into sweats, with a tank that was once cameron’s. You put your hair in a pony tail, made your bed, and picked out some movies. That’s what you figured you both would be doing.

Cameron was taking longer than usual. It was 30 minutes since he said he was on his way, and you sat there confused. You heard your apartment door open and cameron walked in carrying at least 6 bags on both arms. “What on earth..” You said walking into the kitchen following cam.

"Well, your not feeling good. So I went and got a few things." He said while taking things out of the bags. Everything you saw was some form of chocolate. There was chocolate cake mix, m&m, mini hershey bars and reeces peanut butter cups. All your favorites "your going to watch movies and I’m going to bake you cupcakes, and then we can eat all the chocolate in the world" he said still emptying the bags.

"I think…I have the best boyfriend in the entire world" you said with a smile, leaning in for a kiss. You gave him a small peck on the lips "nice outfit by the way.. Wonder where you got that" he said referring to your tank top. You both laughed. He pulled out a massive jar of nutella and you got the biggest smile in your face. Nutella was your favorite.

"I know how much you love this. So I thought this was an appropriate time. But I like peanut butter so I got this big jar." Cameron pulled 2 spoons out of the drawer and handed one to you and one for himself. You both opened it and took a huge spoonful and started to eat it "oh my god ew I don’t know how you can eat that stuff." You said licking your spoon clean. "I don’t know how you can eat that stuff." He said mocking you.

You looked down, and when you looked up, Cameron smeared a spoonful of peanut butter on your nose. Your jaw dropped and you started to laugh. You immediately repeated what he did, but instead of his nose, you smeared the nutella in his hair. You both were laughing and kept putting food on each other.

He picked you up trying to keep you from putting more nutella on him, but you kept moving so he feel with you in his arms. You sat in his lap laughing with cam still holding you in his arms. “I love you more than anything. I’m so happy to have you. I’m your for as long as you want me” you said looking into his eyes. “I’m always going to want you” he said, leaning on for a kiss. Just before your lips touch, you jump up off his lap. “No way am I kissing you. You have peanut butter on your lips. I hate peanut butter” you said heading to the bathroom to clean up.

I feel like I’m the only fan who doesn’t give a shit about ‘when you got here’. If you try to say you know everything about them, that’s different. But if they are supporting the boys, why the fuck does it matter how long you were here.

Cameron Dallas Imagine (based off of Stay High by Hippie Sabotage)

"(Y/N) CAN YOU JUST STAY IN FOR ONE NIGHT?! I’ve barely seen you this month." (Y/f/n) said. Every night you were going out and partying. You were high and drunk every night. "No, I’m enjoying my summer, why can’t you?" You said. "I am, but I’m not partying it up every night. I know why your doing this" she said. "Oh, and why is that?" You answered. "Because Cameron dumped your sweet ass. And being around people, getting high and drunk keeps your mind off of him." She said, and she was most definitely right, but to were trying to hide it. "That’s bullshit. I’m perfectly fine. He dumped me, I’ve moved on. I’m living" you said. You turned out the door and left before she could say anything back.

You were on to the next party. As long as you were drunk or high, you didn’t care about what was going on. Not much has mattered to you. You’ve had multiple ‘one-night stands’ but you didn’t care. You did anything to get over Cameron, although nothing was working. You pulled up to the next party. You didn’t know who was throwing it, you just saw a bunch if people. As you walked around in your little tight dress, you got looks, which made you smile.

You kept looking around for some drinks or weed. You saw a kegger with people crowed around it, you rushed up and grabbed yourself a full cup, soon, all your troubles seemed to disappear. You eventually found the weed, which made you even happier. You continued your night like this. You took numerous drinks, and smoked a bit more than usual. This was our life now. And you began to except that.

The drugs started to ware off, leaving you with a major case of the munchies. You left the group of people, heading to the kitchen looking for Doritos. You were alone in the house, walking around confused. You stumbled over everything. You eventually found the Doritos and headed back outside. You walked to the door, but as you stepped out, you tripped in the step. You felt someone catch you but you knew who it was before you even looked up. It was Cameron. You kept your head down debating on what to do. You did the easiest thing, which was pretending to pass out. You kept your eyes shut trying to act as natural as possible. He picked you up and carried you through the crowd of people and dropped you in the back seat of his car.

You spread out across the seats, trying not to cry. This is the first time you saw Cameron since the break up. You finally arrive at his apartment and he carried you out of the car and into his room laying you on the bed. You curled up into his sheets stuffing your head into the pillows. You missed this; a lot. You felt everything you were avoiding. You wanted to get up and leave, but you just stayed still. You slowed drifted to sleep.

You woke up in a room, that you weren’t familiar going to. You looked at the walls to notice you were in Cameron’s room. You had no idea what was going on, or how you got there. The alcohol wore off, leaving you extremely confused. You heard the shower running so you picked up your heels and started to tip toe out. You grabbed to door handle as he grabbed your shoulder. “Where the hell do you think you’re going. We need to talk.” He said. You were nervous.

“So talk.” You said with a harsh tone. “What are you doing. This isn’t you. You hated partying.” He said. “You broke up with me, I changed. This is me now” you said, trying not to cry. “Do you have any idea why I broke up with you?” “You didn’t want to be together anymore…?” “No. The distance wasn’t fair to you. I loved you, more than you could imagine and letting you go was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I did it because I thought it would better for you.” He said. “Well that backfired, because I need you.” I said. “I know, finding you like that last night made me realize that. Why did you do all of this?” He asked. “Because, getting drunk and staying high, kept you off my mind. I love you cameron.” You said. “Well good, because I never stopped loving you. ” he said then pulled you into his warm hug, and you both started to cry. “I’ll never break up with you. Remember that” you said. “I’ll never let you go again, i love you (y/n)” he answered.

Cameron Dallas Imagine

Written for camcamdallas69

"I wanna see you, but I’m sick. We just have to wait until I feel better, I’m sorry" you said to cameron over the phone. Oh haven’t seen him in 3 weeks, and he just got home and although you want to see him, you’re sick. "Ok fine (y/n), I’ll call you in the morning. Take a lot of medicine so you can feel better soon. I love you." He said, and then hung up. You truly did feel bad, but you didn’t want to make him sick.

You went to take a shower. You didn’t rush, you took your time. Letting the hot water make you tired. After about 45 minutes, you got out of the shower. You wrapped your towel around your body and went to grab your clothes off of the sink. You put on your Cameron Dallas baseball style tee shirt, and slid on spandex shorts. You let your long hair fall, and began to towel dry it. You were finally ready to sleep.

As you walked in your bedroom, you kept your head down, but when you lifted it up, you jumped back. “Damn you take long to get ready for bed. But I like your outfit” cameron said laying across your bed with movies piled up next to him, and a box if pizza on the nightstand. “What the hell? I told you, I don’t want to take a chance of getting you sick” you said. “I haven’t seen you in 3 weeks. I’m not going to waste any minute. I brought movies and pizza, your two favorite things, besides me” he said. You just laughed and ran up next to him on the bed.

You guys put in Perks of being a wallflower. You are a little pizza, cameron ate most of it. And you guys just cuddled and enjoyed the movie. Of course you cried at some parts, and cameron laughed as he watched you wipe away your tears. You started to get tired, so you turned to cameron. He was facing the tv, you were facing him. You had your head buried in his chest. You looked up at him while he continued to look at the screen. You examined every feature of him, and everything you saw was perfect.

"Why are you looking at me" he said while laughing. "Because I love you" you said as a simple response. Instead of saying he loves you back he just grabbed your waist, pulling him closer to you. You were warm, and happy. You started to fall asleep at one point with cameron doing the same. You woke up wrapped in his arms, and his cheek resting on yours. You just smiled enjoying every bit of the moment you possibly could.